It all began in1983 when upon settling in Los Angeles from South Africa; Emil Rutenberg decided to launch a small innovative collection of men’s and women’s sportswear.

Cutting edge stores who had bought Emil Rutenberg’s first collection were immediately impressed with the quality standards as well as the positive response from their customer’s.


The collections swiftly evolved into a more structured sportswear collection where Emil Rutenberg’s   tailored jacket’ collections received critical acclaim. For three consecutive years, ‘menswear designer of the year’ nominations were awarded to him as recognition of this acclaim.

As the line grew in breadth and distribution, its jackets became sought after… And to this day…  for their modern tailoring from an array of richly textured European fabrication.


In 2007, People Like Frank was launched.

The collection embodied an edgy urban Californian deconstructed sportswear look.

The People Like Frank collection, is the more relaxed more youthful alter ego version that was spawned by the more structured more sophisticated Emil Rutenberg collection.

Today the collection is found throughout North America,Canadaand various select stores throughout the world.